Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Supper-Fun With The Kids

Welcome back to Sunday Supper.  
The post where we talk about Family Dinners; and what that means now.  
Things have really changed alot for me and I am sure for you.  
Sunday isn't quite what it used to be.  Back in the day folks seemed to gather around the table more.  

Now a days it seems to get harder and harder.  But I hope that at some point in time during the week maybe it isn't even on Sunday 
that you can manage to have a family meal. 

Today I am sharing a simple idea to do with  the kids. 

Kids really do love to help in the kitchen.  Here we are preparing 
cucumbers from my garden (last year)  He wasn't using the knife this time yet.  That came along about 6 months later. 

A fun Sunday Supper meal is Pizza.  Especially if you make your own 

Smashing dough is super fun.  Make sure hands are washed with hot water and soap!  Yes you do have to specify hot water and soap!

Adding as much cheese you want makes it extra special.

Perfecto!  A personal pizza.  And he ate every bite!
Sunday Supper might be a great night to try something new.  Most 
times when kids help make a dish they are waaaaaay more interested in eating it!  
Cooking with Kids
a great idea for 
Sunday Supper!

Simple Sunday-The Fabulous Party

Give it to God, and go to sleep.

The Fabulous Party

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Happy Homemaker in Texas

Welcome to my Saturday 
Happy Homemaker Post
The party is at Sandra's on 
Mondays.  I post on Saturday to free up my Monday's for other things.
Sandra provides the prompts.  But I add a few of my own. 

The weather today on Saturday it is really cloudy and dark.  Lots of rain expected today.  But normally this time of year is just beautiful.  The rain leads up to this 

Outside my window the rain is beginning to come down.  I hear a honking horn.  There is a football game going on or was going on across the street.  No the parents and players are scrambling for their cars.  

Right now I am thinking I enjoy the rain but wish it didn't happen on Saturdays.  Lately Saturday is the only day I have to do errands.
I had a huge list for today that might not get done.  We'll see.

In the garden I actually have little tiny broccoli heads on my plants.  I have never grown broccoli before! 
 I have green tomatoes my son is jealous.  They can't even start planing yet in Missouri.  That's why I called it Misery when I lived there! My hyacinth's and crocus are done but my Snap Dragons are hanging on.   Lettuce is showing off and ready for a nice salad!  

On the to do list
Buy pepper and cucumber plants because I haven't planted any seed yet.  Still trying to get that area tilled.
Plant another row of carrots and white radishes.
Plant squash
And this is the big thing finish a couple of quilts for the wedding. 
They will cover hay bales for the seating.  #ATexasWedding

On my reading pile
On my phone 
Cake and Punishment by Maymee Bell
Rainy Day Friends by Jill Shalvis
The Spook in the Stack by Eva Gates
Murder at the Mansion by Sheila Connolly
On the book shelf
The Wedding Quilt by Marta Perry
The Ranchers Secret Child by Brenda Minton 
Bound by Duty by Valerie Hanson

In the kitchen 
I really would like to find a Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe.  
I have this ripe avocado calling my name.  And I love it in soup!

On the menu
trying to keep it simple the next couple of weeks because of the wedding errands etc.  I still need to find something to wear!
Monday Goulash, Green Beans, Bread, Salad
Tuesday  Baked Cod, French Fries, Slaw
Wednesday Kielbasa, Pinto's, Corn Bread
Thursday Cajun Shrimp over Pasta, Salad and Bread
Friday Can we go out please?

In the craft basket
Wedding quilts

Something fun to share
Stonebriar Collection Twelve Large Scripture Rocks - Assortment 1
I thought these were cool.  Available at Home Depot.
12 stones for $46.00

Fabulous Features
From the New Orleans French Quarter’s century plus old houses, to the mansions in the Garden District, each has its own delightful personality. Enjoy 28 photos featuring spectacular New Orleans architectural elements. #NewOrleans
Ellen shared this great post about New Orleans.  I loved it.  She
prompted me to write a post about our visit a few years ago!
Come by on Tuesday to read my post.
Visit Ellen over here

Some people like Leslie are so smart, creative and brave.  
Look what she did!
Tired of your dingy old patio set? Head over to to get all the tips & tricks for to give it a facelift with spray painted patio cushions with free printable instructions. #DIY #outdoors #patio #patioideas #patiofurniture #pdpdecorates
Click here to read the post. 

From the camera
What you do on a rainy day when Mom is on the computer all morning!

Scripture/ devo.
Give it to God, and go to sleep.
Have a wonderful week
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The New Journey-An Update-R.V. Shopping

A few days ago I mentioned we are preparing to live on the road 
in an R.V. 
We went shopping . . . 
The Cowboy didn't want his picture taken.  It's his back he didn't know.  

We looked at several one day.  This is the one we liked best.
I liked the light wood and the tile.

I loved the idea of the slide out counter to give me more space.

I wasn't sold on this fridge.  But at least it's a somewhat new model and not a top freezer like we have now which I hate.

The Cowboy liked that it was rather large and had an ice maker. 
We like ice. 

I loved the upholstery on the kitchen chairs.  There are 4 chairs.
I love paisley and it is so light I love that. 

I was impressed the light fixtures had an updated feel. 

This was The Cowboys favorite part.  I don't quite get his fascination with wanting a washer/dryer combo.  And I don't even understand how they work.  

This was our favorite of the day.

The next one I loved.  It was out of our price range and it was smaller but there were things about it that I loved.  It was way more like a house than an R.V. 

Look at this living area!

I never dreamed of finding an L shape couch.  And if you look there is a lot of wall space for pictures.  
I didn't get a shot but the other side has a 55"  flat screen that is 
powered up and down into the wall when it isn't being used. 
The negative is it is where the table is so you can't really sit at the table and eat and watch t.v. at the same time.  
But why should you?

Another thing I love was this . . . 
Love the fridge! And very nice updated counters and tile. Most 
of the newer models have convection ovens.  

We looked at several coaches.  We looked at a couple that were the size The Cowboy (thinks) we want HeHe.  A couple that were waaaay older than we want I didn't take pics.  One actually had carpet on the ceiling.  Wierd!  The wood was dark and the upholstery was grey and pink.   So no pics to share cuz I just thought they were gross.  

Basically we are looking at 40' diesel Motor Homes.  We're not 
so much like those couples on the house hunter shows
He wants a ranch.  She wants a craftsman
He wan'ts a fixer up. She wants turnkey

But we do differ on do we really need 40'.  Isn't 36' o.k?

Do we really need spaces to sleep 6 or 8?  We only expect 
the kids and grand kids a few times a year.  

But the Cowboy really wants lots of sleeping space so we have an appointment on Monday to see a couch that has bunks.  I am 
actually excited because in the pics it looks more Western style.
The style we like.  

He has done much more research than I have  and checks out all the mechanical stuff.

One thing we didn't know is the diesel coaches need to stay plugged in.  If they aren't plugged in they get all wonky.  I don't remember everything the salesman said about it.   I was fascinated how in the sales lot they are all lined up and plugged in. 

We both knew to check the tires.  We had read in our research that it isn't about the tread it is about the age.  The salesman showed 
the Cowboy how to check the age.  R.V.'s tires should not be older than 6 years I think...again I didn't listen real well!  Opps.

We had  beautiful weather the afternoon we went shopping and 
we have lots and lots to think about and decide. 

Like how long should this sucker be? And that whole issue of bunk beds.  But we'll see what happens.

I can't wait to get on the road!  I hope you'll enjoy journeying with me. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Hello Welcome to my Happy Homemaker post.  Recently I have been publishing this post on Saturdays.  On Saturday I was a
little under the weather.  So for this week  I am back on Monday
and joining Sandra at Family Corner for . . . 
Sandra provides the prompts.  I add a few of my own.  

The weather
Very pretty weather.  Sunny and in the 70's will be in 80's 
this afternoon.

Outside my window
My yellow rose bush is blooming. So pretty.

I am thinking
I am glad the rose bush is blooming.  I cut it way back in the fall and was worried I killed it!

In the kitchen 
A mess!  The door handle broke on our fridge.  Here's the duh moment it wouldn't open.  I pulled too hard and broke it last night. 
The Cowboy realized we had too much stuff on the door.  
There were only 3 opened bottles on Worcestershire Sauce. 
2 bottles of ketchup.  

On the menu
Nothing really planned.  Winging it this week.  I do have some ideas but not settled on when, will need some produce and a few other things.  
Here's a list of what I hope to cook 
Lasagne/Eggplant Parmesan
Kielbasa/Sausage Grill
Chili Rellenos, rice and beans
Steak, bakers and salad

Last weeks menu...What worked/What didn't
No menu last week just ate out of the freezer

My 'Ta Da' moment
A green tomato! Yea!

On the 'To Do' list
Mix up some bug spray.  Something is eating my Sun Flowers!
Need to get some peppers planted and cucumbers.

In the craft basket
I've decided to re-arrange my sewing/crafting room.  It is a mess. 
Moving a small desk that was my grandsons out of the closet and 
replacing a bigger desk for both of us to use.  We will do our paper 
crafts in the closet so I don't have to switch from sewing to paper
on the other table. 

On my reading pile
My phone is full! Lots of reviews coming up.  It's a busy month. 
Visit me at My Reading Journeys to read the reviews.  
Click here

Fabulous features
In six simple steps you can go from, “What a mess!” to, “I’m impressed!” with a clean, organized pantry. Click here to read post. 

Why Are the Songs We Sing Important? | Music has the power to do good and to do evil. Songs can make learning and remembering easier. They can trigger the mind and the imagination. They can stir our hearts. They can be powerful tools for teaching and persuading. #music #songs #worship #fear #faith
Click here to visit the post. 

From the camera


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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rediscover Sunday Supper

Welcome to Sunday Supper.  A new feature I started a few weeks 
ago.  Each week I share stories and ideas, thoughts and discoveries.  
Each week I've used a different photo that I've found when I 
googled Sunday Supper.  I have also found some really interesting 
sites, programs and fundraising programs with the title. 
Today at the end of the post you'll find the information about the photo below.

Each week as I am writing my post I am thinking what your thoughts, impressions and memories are of Sunday Supper. 

Do you even think about it or care?  Does Sunday Supper bring back memories of family dinners at home? 

By the time I was a teenager we had pretty much done away with Sunday Supper because of church activities. 

When my children were young we had Sunday Supper at our house.  Sunday Supper was just us me, The Cowboy and our two kids.  They were always simple prepared meals.  We called them
Smorgasbord because we would try fun, new and interesting things.  Once we tried making egg rolls.  We are lovers of fried foods and we tried frying all kinds of things.  

Back in the day when our kids were home there were not cell phones.  Yep you guessed it I am that old. Gasp!

Sunday Supper was a meal that we shared together.  We talked.
The Cowboy was typically home on Sundays (he traveled a lot).
So it was a time we spend together.  After our meal we would 
watch a movie together or play a game.  

Sunday Supper was a special time for our family.  

I kind of think we were lucky back then.  No cell phones. 

It's different now.  

I think it's harder for families.  Even if mom stays home sometimes it's hard with all the activities that kids have to find a day during the week to just have a dinner time together.  

One without the phones or electronics.  

I kind of like the idea. 

 I kind of like the idea that Chip & Jo Anna Gaines incorporated
at their new restaurant Magnolia Table.
Image result for magnolia table no cell phones.
No these handle Hello leather pockets are not for menus they are for cell phones. 

Diners are encouraged to hang up the phone.  

Maybe.  Just maybe hanging up the phone is a good thing? 

Maybe turning off the electronics is a way for families to 
Rediscover Sunday Supper.  

What do you think?
About this Sunday Supper program offered by a church in Oregon.

FREE Community Dinner every Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m.
McMinnville Covenant Church offers a FREE supper ministry open to the community. Each Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. we will serve a healthy meal consisting of a soup or stew, bread and fruit or veggie. This meal is FREE and open to anyone in the community. If you have any questions please contact the church office at (503) 472-9021.

Sunday Supper Mission StatementSeeking God’s heart for our neighborhood 
We offer a warm, nourishing place of hospitality 
Where every person is recognized as a child of God

 This dinner is completely run by volunteers, including cooking, setup and cleanup, serving, and more.
Click here  to visit the site. 

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Simple Sunday-The Fabulous Party

Welcome to Simple Sunday

Welcome to the party
Please link your family friendly posts. 

One Of Those Weeks

I don't know how it happens.  But I just feel like I am 
Image result for playing catch up

And I am!
I was hoping today would be . . . 

Image result for playing catch up
But alas it's not.  And so there is no real post today.  Nor was there one on Friday.  Or Thursday.  Or Wednesday . . . well 
actually since last Saturday I think. 
Image result for playing catch up
Keep Calm.  That sounds good.  So I guess I'll just stay calm and catch  you up on what's been going on. 

So during the week I visited some friends . . .
Have you met Molly the Aire Girl?  Her week started not too great because the big 'ole mean vacuum came out.  She hid in the tub
where it was 'Safe'.  Click here to read her post.  By Friday all was better and she got to go on a fun 'walkie' and she shared some of the beautiful flowers she saw.  
 Click here to read her post. 

I made a new friend.  Katie at Sweet Home Life. Katie shared a post at The Fabulous Party and lured me over to meet her at 
her blog.  Click here to visit Katie.  Click here to visit the 
Fabulous Party.  
  The link up is also here at My Journey Back on Sundays.  Link up at either blog.  You can link any day!

And then while I was visiting blogs I played a game on the Kindle.
I was totally multi tasking because my computer loads soooooo
very sloooooow.

I spent hours trying to fix my phone because it decided to stop letting me open books that were on it that I need to read for reviews. 

I have to say that is probably the biggest thing that kept me from 
writing posts!  In the end I have one app working now. 
And I was able to get all the books loaded again.  

I added the Kindle app so I can sync the P.C., the phone and Kindle so I can read the same book on all three.  Just haven't 
figured out how to do that.  

I finished reading these two books for reviews.  
Just sayin' I love print copies.  No figuring out all that techie stuff!
Ice by Lauren Carr one of my favorite Cozy Mystery Authors is touring with I Read Book Tours.  My review is here
Primary Suspect by Laura Scott is touring with Litfuse.  I'll be writing my review here at My Journey Back this week.  

I began putting away the bunnies.  Bye Bye Bunnies.  I need to clear off the mantle because it will be used at the wedding in May.

Speaking of the wedding I want to get my hair cut and I've been looking for ideas.  The only one I could find I really like is this one
Do you think I'll look this cute?  Nah.  I just love Meg Ryan. 
Are you old like me and remember her from As The World Turns.
Yes she started on a soap.  Opps that's a rabbit trail.  But I love rabbits.....
Anyway I wanted layers like this last time.  But the girl that cut my hair just couldn't  'get it'.   I mean hello what part of I don't blow dry my hair straight do you not get.  I know it's the style but first of all I don't have the proper hair brush plus I don't have time! So I gave up and just sat there and let her do her thing.  It looked good just not what I wanted. 
  I think I'll go back over to the place I went years and years ago and have it cut.  They 'get me' there.   But it is expensive and takes forever!  

And I spent some time just enjoying my dog; she makes me smile.
Sometimes she cracks me up.  Like when she looks through a tiny
hole in the fence to see the neighbor dog!  
It is so hard to get a good pic.  Because she is always running and playing with her toys.  I need to figure out how to video.  But part of the problem is if I step outside she stops because she is all about me playing with her.  I loved this pic of her looking at her basket of toys.  She can't quite figure it out.  And I can't quite figure out why my phone did this border!  It's really cool though. 

So well.  That is how my week went.  Did I accomplish anything. 
Not a lot.  But it was a good week.  

I hope your week was Great!  Thanks for stopping in!