Friday, February 23, 2018

Introducing Our Holiday Journey


I am so gad your here.  Today is the perfect day to visit the blog.
Everyone is 
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Today is a special day because I am featuring my Holiday blog.
I wanted to tell you all about in case you haven't found it! 

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Our Holiday Journey began with an idea to share about all 

things holiday.  Here's what the banner on the blog says

Welcome to Our Holiday Home Journey. A blog about all things Holiday and Home. Let's make everyday a Holiday. Here you'll find photo's. Lots and lots of photo's. Ideas and decorations. Stories. And just plan 'ole Holiday fun. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. Christmas is a Blessed time of year. And I want to share the blessings with you. So join me and enjoy all the holidays while we wait for the Best holiday of all! It begins here . . .

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I kind of had plans to write about the holidays.  About making 
everyday a holiday in our homes. 

And then something happened.  I came up with this Fabulous idea.
And the Fabulous party began.  The Fabulous party is over a year old now.  
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I began the party at Our Holiday Journey and then something happened one day.  I accidentally posted the linky here at 
My Journey Back. 
 I thought well maybe it was meant to be and so I left it and began posting the party on both blogs.  And made this button.  
It's supposed to look sparkly.  Do you think it does?
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At about the same time I had the idea to choose feature posts
from the party.  And so I began choosing 2 each week and put
them on the side bar at Our Holiday Journey.
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I also feature them here on my Happy Homemaker post.  
I write a post each week (now on Saturday) that I link with
Sandra at Family Corner.  Sandra provides the prompts.  I have a added a few prompts of my own to make my posts more personal to me and the blog(s).
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Last January I did something different at Our Holiday Journey.
I ran a 12 month giveaway.  Each month I tallied links and the blogger that linked the most posts one a prize.  
The winner was Carol at Comfort Spring Station
Comfort Spring
Carol writes a delightful blog.  She shares about living in Florida.
She shares her beautiful gardens, her home and some wonderful
recipes.  I hope you'll go by and visit her soon.  Click here to 
The Fabulous Party is supper simple to follow and link.  
I have intentionally made the party super easy to find (I hope).
The party goes from Sunday to Sunday.  You don't have to wonder when you can link.  Any day.  Any time. 
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Each link is 'pinned.  Visit the Fabulous Party Board.Click here
I do try and tweet your posts and share on FB.  (still working out some kinks)

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Building a community here and at Our Holiday Journey is important to me.  I hope we'll become kind of a family.  

With all that said.  I have made linking at the party simple.  I am backtracking here but I didn't mention 'rules'.  There are non. 
Well there is one and it's important.  
Family Friendly
Actually there are two.  No Halloween.  I don't want to get into a discussion about Halloween.  Just to keep it safe and friendly for 
everyone I write a special Halloween post the week of Halloween to share the posts that I find that are not spooky or creepy and just fun.  

Our Holiday Journey and My Journey Back are both meant to Welcome you and to hopefully make you smile.  I hope you 
look forward to reading what crazy thing I just might be writing about.  Sometimes I write random posts on My Journey Back.  

And sometimes I get off track . . . like now.   I was going to share one more new thing I am planning.  I am planning on writing and sharing your  our posts about Holidays.    Kind of getting back to what I originally planned.  

I hope you'll become apart of our community and link your posts 
at The Fabulous Party

I have a whole list of parties that I link at.  Below this post you'll see the list.  If you have a party I would love for you to link at my party too!

I hope you've enjoyed visiting today.  Come back soon and let me know you came by!

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

In the Green House-In The Garden

It's a super rainy day.  I think I need a boat.  Since I can't play in the dirt today seems like a fine time to share a few pics. 

I have never started seeds before in pots. As you can see I 
definitely did  not scatter them too well.  I am going for 
mass plantings of Coleus.  They are supposed to be super simple 
to grow. 
I have bought bedding plants in the past.  We'll see how my first seedlings fair. 

Not sure if this planting of broccoli will survive.  It's too rainy to transplant.  

This pot is sprouting. 
On Saturday only 1 sprout.  I sent the pic to my son in Missouri.  He swears they are not tomato's.  Clearly the seed packet claims to be.  We'll see!

Marigolds to plant next to my tomatoes.  I have too more posts started.  

Sweet Peas ready to transplant.  I hope they survive till it dries out.  I've never planted Sweet Peas before.  I took this pic. on Sunday.

And then today look what I found in my pot.  Peter Rabbit
must have heard I was planning a garden for him!

And a few bulbs sprouting in the garden . . . 

Yes there are still a few rocks!  I think they sprout with the bulbs.

A crocus sprouting and the Chrysanthemums are back.
I did not know until yesterday that you should dead head your Pansy's they are looking sad.  

I was weeding on Monday and caught the Crocus just opening up.

Today my little garden is under water.  I hope the potatoes and onions survive the flood!  

So that is how my garden is growing.
Are you growing anything yet?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Linking with the Wordless Parties
Linking with Flower Friday

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Late Late Late Fabulous Party

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Sorry for the delay.  The party is up and waiting for you to link

Friday, February 16, 2018

Flower Friday

Good Morning
The sun is shinning
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It's a beautiful day to be digging in the dirt!
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Seeds are sprouting
and time to plan a few more plantings!
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I hope you have beautiful sunshine today.
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I'll share some!
Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Party For A Few Friends

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We had a fun party.  Wish you could have been there!
It was rather impromptu!
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We didn't get to have a party with our friends before they left for their vacation.  They decided to stop in before they went to the 
coast to embark on their cruise.
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So I rushed around and pulled some decorations together.
Planned a dessert menu. 
Got out a few decorations
Set the table.
Then took a deep breath.

Related image

I hung a special quilt with hearts and got the table ready.
Because it was a cloudy day and our room is dark 
I chose White for the table.
Then I threw some decorations outside to Welcome our guests

Next on the agenda was a Cocoa bar

My grandson got busy making cinnamon toast

    Tongs are fascinating tools . . . 

Just in time there was a knock on the door!
There's that pesky Bear again trying to be a Moose!
And this time he wore a mustache to fool us!
But everyone reminded us he sneaks everyone on board the ship.
So of course we Welcomed him!
Silly  Bear
Everyone waited patiently for Cinnamon Toast
The Cowboy brought everyone Cracker Jacks

And then we had an idea!

Goofy face

Everyone had a grand time eating Cracker Jacks, Chocolate Twinkies and Cinnamon Toast

And then way too soon 
(he finally told us his name)
Reminded everyone it was time to go.  The ship is waiting!
Then he said "We will be back in time for Thanksgiving!"
"I will bring the Turkey"
Bon Voyage
Happy Valentines Day