Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The Weather
 One word. Hot!

Right Now I  Am
 Wishing the inter-net was working at a 2017 speed. 

On My Reading Pile
 My Kindle and my phone are full!  Nothing on the book shelf. 

Something fun to share
I made a button for my post at HHM

I am thankful for
 My husbands family is coming closer together.  It is a struggle. 
His mother is ill.  We've been estranged for just over 9 years. 
I am trying to be kind, patient and a bit of a mediator.  I cleaned her house yesterday.  When I arrived she said you don't have to clean let's just visit.  

In the garden
 Tired struggling tomatoes, cucumbers and green beens.
The potatoe vine loves the heat.  I marigolds and a few zinnian's 
trying to stay with it.  Here's a photo of a clients hydrangeas.  I want to plant some!

On the menu this week
Monday--Fried Catfish/Shrimp, Okra, Corn maybe?
Tuesday--Chicken Spaghetti (for the mother's and me),Salad
Leftover T-bone for Cowboy because he doesn't like C.S. 
Silly man
Wednesday-- (taking C.S. to the mom's)  Think I'll pick up chinese
Thursday--Kid & Adult friendly Chicken Strips, Mac/Cheese 
fresh cucumbers and new recipe Egg Plant Parm (see below)
Friday--Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes Brocolli Salad,

In the kitchen
 Eggplant Parmesan Sliders  Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops - one of our favorite recipes. AND it's EASY! Recipe on { }
             Source                        Source
Fabulous Features
 From the party  

Intentional Christian Hospitality
The Narrow Minded Woman shared a Fabulous Planner.
Click here to visit.

Fabulous Feature
 Debra at Dragon Fly Treasures took an old ceiling fan globe and made this! 
Click here to visit her post with a DIY tutorial.

On of my simple pleasures
Cooking for my family and friends.  Is something I really enjoy doing.  I am looking forward to taking meals to my mother and my MIL over the next few weeks.  Maybe longer we'll see!

From the camera
Marigolds in a pot between some of the tomatoe plants.  They are supposed to like each other.  I guess they did!  We've lots of tomatoes and the Marigolds are thriving. 

Devo./ Scripture
Psalm 62:1-5

Thanks for visiting and sharing my plans for the week. 
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Friday, July 21, 2017

Five Minute Friday-Collections

Joining 5 Minute Friday today for a writing challenge. 
It's been a long time. Glad to be back. 
Writing from a prompt for  5 minutes. No editing. No planning just 5 minutes of thought.  
Five Minute Friday :: Collect
Go. . . 
I think of things that are important to me.  But it's more than just things.  The most important to me are my kids, The Cowboy our
And so I collect memories. Memories are important.  Whether 
good or bad.  Memories are good.  But memories can be bad. 
I choose to focus on the good.  Sometimes bad memories 
can be collected without our even realizing it. 
Let's focus on whats good.  Let's collect memories that make us smile. That carry us through the times that maybe aren't pleasant.
When part of your family doesn't live near it's hard to collect memories.  So it's (I think) important to make memories where you can.  Collect their memories from photo's and cards and letters. 
Text message with a photo or a thought about what happened in the their day.  I collect them all.  
I work to make events and things memorable to send presents and little trinkets across the miles to make a memory to add to our/my
Stop. . .
And I could say more and maybe I will.
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Flower Friday-My Walk To Work Part 1

Today I am joining a party I've been hearing about for awhile. 
I love the idea of sharing flowers and beautiful gardens. 
Today I am sharing my walk to work . . . 
I love the walk.  I work as a housekeeper/house manager. 
This is the property.  You will probably think I am crazy but
when I pass by this side of the house I am reminded of the 
San Antonio river walk.  I think it is the different bushes and the walk . . . 
Image result for san antonio riverwalk
It brings back many pleasant memories that I'll share another day.   
Today it's about the beautiful walk I take a few days each week.
I love these ferns.  I think they are really what remind me of 
San Antonio.  
Look closely there is a surprise . . . 
Do you see it?  There is a tomato growing up amongst the ferns.
I noticed it a couple of weeks ago as I was inspecting the property.  Part of my job is to make sure the yard crew is doing their job.  
I made sure to tell them to leave the volunteer tomato.  I have to laugh about it.  How did it get there?
Earlier in spring just beginning to bloom . . . 
Each time I see them they have more and more blooms.
They are gorgeous!

The shady path is on the north side of the lot. The south side is
very sunny . . . 
I am glad I got this shot a few weeks ago of this amarrills. 
I didn't realize it wouldn't last long.  I work at this property 
on Wednesday and Friday.  Sometimes on Monday or Sunday 
if I am in the mood to go and take Monday off.   I took this pic on a Friday.  When I returned on Monday it was spent. 

I have a few more pics to share.  I take a few each time I am at work.  Stay tuned. I'll be showing you the pond next time!  

Thanks for visiting and walking with me to work!
Did you know I have a new link party?
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday . . .
Today I am Thankful for simple things
Today I am Thankful for Summer
Today I am Thankful for summer fun like . . . 
     Water Parks
 Cool summer nights
Sonic Milk Shakes
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Enjoy your day
Enjoy your summer
Be Blessed

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Warm Your Heart With A Story, A Photo Or A Smile- A New Link Party

Warm Your Heart w/ a Story
begins here today!
I hope you'll join me and share posts that maybe . . . 
Make you 
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or maybe 
Make you
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Must be a warm heart
Maybe it melts your heart!

Feel free to write a story.  Or post a photo.  Anything that makes you smile, giggle or warms your heart!
This is a family friendly blog so family friendly stories please.   Wordless photo's that you share at the parties are o.k.  If it Warms Your Heart.  Please no DIY's, recipes etc.  Unless it is a story about a project or recipe.  
Here's the linky share your Warm Heart

A Photo and Story Part 1 and Part 2 God Provides. In God's Timing

AY, APRIL 6, 2016

A Photo And Story...And a surprise. . . 

I originally wrote the below post to share at Wit and Wisdom hosted over at Senior Adventures.  Sadly that party isn't
around anymore.  I have been missing it along with Warm Heart Wednesdays originally hosted by Jenny Matlock.
So to honor these two parties which I miss and I am sure others do as well.  
I am announcing the beginning of 
Stories That Warm My Heart 
The party will begin tomorrow and will run all week.  Feel free to link posts/stories that Warm Your Heart. See the post tomorrow for a few rules and details.  

And now here is the story that Warmed My Heart and inspired the party . . .                 
 Originally posted in 2016. Update 2017 in blue. . .                   T:
Once upon a time a young boy looked at a white fence surrounding an arena filled with sand.  He sat on the fence watching as the tractor moved around loosening the sand just right to provide the perfect footing.  The sand had to be soft not firmly packed.  Slightly deep.

The boy watched and dreamed of one day being the one riding the tractor getting the arena ready for the rider.  

It wasn't his only dream.  He had much bigger dreams than sitting on the tractor.  He dreamed one day he would ride a horse.  Not just any horse and not just any kind of riding.  

He dreamed one day he would train a reining horse.  He dreamed of going to a futurity.  (a special competition for young horses)

So he got off that fence and he began to work.  He worked hard.  
He mucked stalls and filled a truck with horse manure and hauled it away.  Everyday after school he went to the barn and cleaned up. 

Everyday he watched other teenagers riding horses while he cleaned the stalls.

He built a library of books and magazines with information about reining and breeding.  And he studied.  Soaking in the knowledge that he hoped he would someday be able to use.  

He made it to that futurity with his horse. (which he had bred and trained himself)  He worked hard with that little filly.  They were constant companions.  

And then one day his eye wandered.  He noticed a filly of another 'sort'.  She captured his eye and his heart.    And then his dreams began to change.   

He never forgot his first love.  Even  though he began to chase two legged youngsters.  He never forgot his dream of  sittin' on that tractor. 

And then many years later.  It happened.  It wan't expected.  
Someone remembered that young man and the horse he rode in that futurity.  

The opportunity presented itself.  And now he's sittin' on that 
tractor.  Makin' that dirt just right.  

       And now his little girl is walkin' in that dirt and dreamin'.  
                           (photo taken by that filly that stole his heart)  update 2017...the horse that he planned and bred and took to that futurity he lost for awhile.  10 years later.  This past fall he found his horse.  That two legged filly that caught his eye managed to find his horse.    It was a 'God' thing.  And 'she' came home . . . 

This photo taken the day Speck stepped off the trailer when she came home.  
The first ride minutes after stepping off the trailer . . . 
When Speck came home last fall.  i wrote a post.  i had forgotten i had written the post in 2016 for Warm Heart Wednesday and Wit and Wisdom share a photo and a story.  I ran across that post a few days ago and thought it fitting to finish the story.  
But the story doesn't end here with Speck home and part of the family. The story continues.  A few months ago our son was able to breed Speck.  Because she had been to the futurity 10 years ago  he was able to get a breeding from a very good horse at a very good deal.  
And so next spring the plan that he had all those years ago will be fulfilled in God's timing. 

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

Welcome to a new week!
I have a few plans to share and a little of this and that . . . 

The Weather . . .Thankfully it is stayin the upper 90's.  The triple digits just wear me out!

Right Now I  Am . . .Thinking that I am glad the weather isn't getting too hot too fast!

On My Reading Pile . . .My reading pile is always pretty hefty.  I enjoy reading. Here are a few I'll be getting into soon
   Image result for as a shield by danny pelfreyA couple christian suspense 

Little Girl Gone  I'll be reading all these for reviews. 

Something fun to share . . .Last week I accidentally posted the linky for The Fabulous Party here at My Journey Back.  I think it might be fun to keep it here at least for awhile.  I've been working on a button 

I am thankful for . . . The Cowboy is seeing his mother after 8 years of estrangement.  He is hoping and praying that it will lead to a unified family.  His sister is not very open.  I know it bothered him but he never said much.  When he visited the other day his mother said 'I love you'. When he left.

In the garden . . . sadly not much.  It it getting hot. But the cucumbers are producing.  My fun test of climbing beans for a teepee is growing though.  I am hoping to get some kind of flowers this week.  My one pot of marigolds it growing nicely.
I would love to divide them and put some in the ground but I am afraid that they would die.  

On the menu this week
Monday--Fried Catfish, left over Crawfish and Shrimp (we had a boil on Sunday yum.yum.)
Tuesday--Hamburger helper Stroganoff, Fried Green Tomatoes Salad
Wednesday-- Chicken Pot Pie, Salad
Thursday -- Kid Friendly Hot Dog-Adults Grilled Steaks
Friday -- Beef Tips, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, Salad

In the kitchen
 Hopefully trying a couple of new recipes this week . . . 
EASY, Wonderfully tender, Homemade Slow Cooker Beef Tips and Gravy (without any “cream of” anything!) is richly satisfying, comforting and flavorful and the perfect make ahead meal for busy weeknights! I also love serving it for special occasions or holidays because it is so easy, make ahead and super easy to double or triple the recipe!       The Ultimate Chicken Pot Pie:  A light and flaky puff pastry crust is what makes this pot pie the ultimate. It's a great way to turn leftover chicken and veggies into a whole new and delicious dish.
found here      Hope this is as good as it looks.  The recipe is here

Fabulous Features
 Today I am welcoming my friend Fabby back.  She was always a visitor when I began the Fabulous Fall Party the last 2 years. 
She joined last week here at the party.  
Always a gorgeous table at her house.  Click here to visit.

Fabulous Feature
Oh so yummy. MiMi of Tray of Bliss wrote a delightful post about low cost Vacations/Holidays.  Click here to visit MiMi.

On of my simple pleasures
Memories . . . Weekend brunch.  The above photo reminds me of times back in the day when the Cowboy and I went out to breakfast on Saturday.  Those were some special memories.  

From the camera
I don't remember if I have shared this photo and tip before.
But it's actually kind of funny and silly so thought you might enjoy the smiles . . .
When peeling onions apply tape to your nose.
Devo./ Scripture
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you: Throughout this search Deep in my heart The slow dance swirls and bows. One step closer to my God One step closer to me Until we meet toe to toe - See more at:
This was a lovely photo and beautiful scripture I shared on my Simple Sunday post.  I found it on pinterest but sadly the blog is no longer active.  

I hope you've enjoyed a look at my weeks plans and a little of this and that.  
I am linking with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday and a few of my other favorite parties! Click here.
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Enjoy your week!